Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a wonderful family!

Sometimes I get a little bogged down and cynical when it comes to my family. Basically, just a little bit feeling overwhelmed or uneasy with too much love... but, after spending the past few days at the beach with them I left feeling very thankful.

While playing in the waves on the beach my mom randomly asks me... "what is your favorite psalm?" like it is a typical conversation starter... it was a little odd at the time, and I kind of brushed it off like I didn't want to have that conversation, but the reality is that I hadn't really thought about it, so I didn't know how to respond.

After a bit more contemplation I would like to say:
1) Sorry Mom for brushing you off (I fee like I do that quite often with you guys and I'm asking for forgiveness)

2) How awesome is it that I can have conversations with my parents about everything from our health care system, legal practices, our favorite psalms, prayer requests and theological debates to our dream vacations to europe! I feel very blessed!

3) My favorite psalm... if forced to pick one would be Psalm 139, maybe because its one that I have memorized since my teenage years, or maybe because its something that I need to remind myself of on a daily basis.

4) One of the coolest things about the psalms from my perspective is that they encompass the vast array of emotional expression available to the human race. The Psalm writers were raw with emotion, questions, longings and reality. But, in the beginning and ending of all of the angst, somehow comes back to praise... I wonder if there is a lesson there?

Do you have a favorite psalm?

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Anonymous said...

i love my daughter...

i don't know if i would have known how to respond if asked what my favorite psalm is either?!!!

lots of times i throw out questions because i'm thinking and i was looking at the ocean and singin Psalm 100 in my head and thinking how grateful i have been for the psalms...especially when going through hard times in my life and i was thinking how they were made to ne sung and how cool that is and then i wondered if you had one in your head.....i wondered out loud...and i'm grateful that you replied here!!

Psalm 139 is special to me too. i often 'pray it' in different ways for other people. it reminds me that the lORD searches and knows me (and others)...that HE knows even when things don't make sense to me..that he is patient and wise and that i can trust him.
and that it is not my job to search and know, but it is my job to help see others through the waiting...and to allow others to see me through too....

it's in me to search and know tho...especially when i see jesus so ALIVE in someone else...i just want to touch that more...that is why i ask you so many questions i think...i see Jesus in you and i see you becoming more and more this unique person that he created you to be and i don't want to miss anything!! anyway- sorry we are overwhelming in the 'love' just have to stop being so darn lovable!! love, mom