Monday, September 7, 2009

Lets Celebrate our Hard Work!

We clean up pretty nice after getting our digestive tracts back in order and our fluids replenished! We went out the board walk for a night of fun and relaxation.

I forgot to mention that Matt crossed the finish line as well. Its impressive that he ran in all those clothes isn't it?!?

We had a little bit of romantic beach time and lots of fond memories of fun cheer moves.... Then onto the RAVEN a local favorite for sea food. The crab legs were totally the favorite of the meal, in more ways that one. At the RAVEN we met Ricki & Bobbi (twins who worked in the gift shop). They were really nice and even let Nicole borrow a sweatshirt to wear while we ate because our table was directly under an air vent.

Unfortunately, they were running out food and we didn't get our onion rings, but JD (our server) would randomly run by and drop yummy goodness on our table, everything from oyster crackers, to bread, to fries, water, and a few shot glasses. Then out came the main course. It was delish!

Onto the concert with more backflip reenactments and laughter were shared. My favorite quote of the weekend was "I love how they have all of these animal statues everywhere. They are great for photo ops!" (Guess who? TRR)


traci said...

I reordered these pictures like 10 times trying to get them in step with the story line and am too frustrated to figure it out. Must go to bed...

Anonymous said...

i love your blog traci!1 thanks for posting all these treasures! love, yo mama