Friday, March 26, 2010

So, God must be trying to teach me something...

Through all of the reading that I have been doing and talking with people and discussing... I came up with the question... "Is there a difference between trying to follow Christ and allowing Christ to live through you?"

Yesterday afternoon I was talking with my friend Robyn and we discussed how there may not be a difference in the semantics of it, but in how the individual asking the question perceives it could be on the edge of a subtle, yet profound distinction... one that I don't want to miss.

So, I after returning from my morning muscle and spin class, made Matt breakfast and then entered into my daily time with God... omelet, toast, juice, coffee and water (yes, I do this about every day)... I opened up the Lenten Devotional and here is what it said...

Gratitude is the opposite of resentment, and "returning" is an inner passage from resentment to gratitude. Gratitude for the gift of your life is your response to God's abundant love. Your life can be lifted up and offered to God in thanksgiving. You will know the enormous spiritual difference between living your life out of gratitude for God's love and friendship, and living your life trying to earn God's friendship. It sounds simple and in many ways it is. But life is also a struggle and choosing to live the struggle gratefully and humbly as a child of God makes all the difference between a fulfilled life and an empty life.

God, I offer you my life and my death in thanksgiving for the privilege of being born and being loved.

What struck me the most were 2 things:

First, God knows what questions I am asking and where my heart is and the Lord is speaking to me. This is not the first time something like this has happened to me, but it just seems to be happening more frequently recently... WOW!

Second, Do I ever really consider just being alive, being born to be a miracle, to be a gift? Do you? When I do, I have one of those moments where freedom enters my soul and I need to stand up and do a cartwheel.

Pretty amazing stuff!
What about you? Do you struggle with working for God? Trying to earn God's favor?
Do you ever think about your life as a gift?


Julie said...

Being alive is a gift we often don't realize until we have to. I'm glad to hear your reviews and also how you are always trying to bring more "culture" and ambiance to Raleigh. Maybe you could travel the world to bring back the best and brightest? You've also inspired me to blog a little more again...

traci said...

Thanks Julie. One of my dreams is to travel to bed & breakfasts and bring back my favorite elements to start one in Raleigh... good idea!!

God is so cool. I'm glad you are blogging again too!

Anonymous said...

for me the PROCESS of accepting that Jesus really loved and valued me...that i wasn't just a big disapointment to Him...was BEAUTIFUL IN itself (especially as i look back on it) I was helped to see the self centeredness involved in my constant striving and beating myself up...i was helped with gentle strength..through the WORD..devotions, and people who had the courage to share their journey with me.....i felt God's favor when i really began to "live the life" of BOTH accepting... and giving, holy encouragement to fellow sojourners...(at a deep and personal level) traci, your blog posts are a holy encouragement to me, and i'm sure to many others. thank you. i sense God's smile! love, mom