Monday, November 29, 2010

My new "oranges"

I just discovered what I like to call M NEW ORANGES... 

Some of you may remember the paper I wrote about Oranges... I wrote it for my college applications and maybe another one for an essay in English class or a testimony or something like that... 

Anyways, the gist of it was... I was having one of those no good, very bad days, UNTIL... I bit into a delicious orange that awoke my senses and gave me a fresh perspective on the joy of flavor and brightened my day... 

Its the little things :) 

Then, in college I was kind of ANTI- Flowers, especially via boyfriends... so my roommates gave me a bouquet of oranges wrapped in packing paper for my birthday. It was beautiful and DELICIOUS! 

So, what could take the ORANGES place... 

Amazing Pomegranates! 

There is just something fabulous about biting into one of those seeds that brings a smile to my face: EVERY SINGLE TIME!! How did all of that powerful juice get in there? Its totally worth making your kitchen counter look like a massacre occurred to get to the beautiful pellets of delight. 

If you haven't tried one before... just do it. You will be amazed! But, be careful not to squirt the juice in your eye because according to my father in law during our Thanksgiving meal... it stings a lot!  

What little things bring you joy?? 


Mandy said...

I just love you!

Anonymous said...

i just love you too!

little things that bring me joy..

mornings... with a cup of yummy coffee and your dad and i sitting on the couch together, chatting about....whatever!

Nrah's swagger
Shiloah's dimple
Hannah's sweet 'essence'

reading my daughter's blog
gratitude prayers
no cords showing on the tv
sunrises, sunsets

Judy's giggle
finding out what the lectionary reading is at the beginning of each week! many more- but the couch and dad are beckoning!! love, mama

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