Monday, April 2, 2012

Out of Zion

Lodge Buffet= Check
Multiple Day Hikes= Check
Second Shower= Check
Check out my noon= Check
Traci's anxiety level drops= Check
Zion Gift Shop= Check

I don't know why its so hard for me to push the limits of check out times, but my heart races until we are out the door... and I need at least 10 minutes to spare... issues, I think just a few... but we managed and then jumped back in the Jetta to drive out of the park and into the vast open spaces of Southern Utah.

Can you see the small hole in the side of the mountain? That is part of the tunnell! Wow! We would soon be driving through that mountain. 

We had time for one more quick 'scenic route' before heading out of the park and 10 minutes of photo ops. Well worth it, but again, my anxiety level started rising... quick! Jump in the car... we need to make it past Grand Junction, CO tonight!

So, we headed out of Zion... through the tunnel. This tunnel was amazing! Built in the 1920 and still functioning beautifully and we were thankful for that!

We made it alive to the other side and out of the park! Good bye Zion.

The rest of our day's journey pretty much consisted of driving, quickly jutting into scenic overlooks, snapping a few pictures and scouting out places to hidrate and use the bathroom. 

We made it past Grand Juntion, CO by about 8PM and stopped into Palasade, CO for dinner. Nice little quaint sports bar with live music and then one more hour to Glenwood Springs to crash into our beds for the night. Only one more day to go. We savored every moment of it!