Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Busy Bee

The Busy Bee: In the heart of Downtown, this renovated old hot spot is a new trendy spot for the urbanite. 

After a few weeks of thinking about eating here I finally got to go yesterday with my friend Nicole. I will remember to ride my bike next time I go because parking on Wilmington St. can be a pain at 12:30 in the afternoon. 

I am convinced that the stress of finding the narrow, two story, hip cafe was worth it. The menu is decked out with burgers, sandwiches, salads & small plates. I got the Shaved Ham, ham, pineapple, black bean spread & frisee.  Served with choice of side, I went for the fried green tomatoes. Price tag $8 

Frisee is a fancy word for lettuce. (I had to ask, it was a toss up between cheese and lettuce). Delish! Next time I want to try the Veggie. 

I will say that they need a sign on the upstairs back door that says "TO PATIO"  or something to that effect. We were going to try to sit outside, but couldn't figure out how to get there. We weren't the only ones who opened the door to someone's office trying to find our way... 

I have yet to try the cocktails, but I hear they are pretty delicious, next time when I sit at the long bar in the evening with friends I will try one (or two). 

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Mip said...

I think the only way to get outside is the streetfront door, for the Hive, next to the Busy Bee door...