Monday, September 3, 2007

Football, Football, Football!

Saturday marked the beginning of a new season for the Wolfpack, new coach, fresh faces, hopes, tailgates, parties, fun times with friends (and now their kids), great food and drink!

Well, the pre game celebration was great: Thanks Mandy for the pics (I stole them from our flickr). There weren't any of Matt though.. sorry dear, I'll load some pics of you at other games later.

The game was a bit disconcerting at first, but then we showed some promise in the second half. I don't profess to be a football commentator so I won't analyze the game here, but if others of you want to join in on that discussion... feel free! All I have to say is that I am hopeful for some good competition this year.

I also enjoy the excitement on my husband's face when we prepare for football games, he is more energetic and enthusiastic than usual... We left our house and he was shouting "Football, Football, Football!!" There is something about the competition, the atmosphere, the friendships, the passion that draws him and many others out to shout and scream for our teams. I understand this to some extent from cheerleading.

I must say that the cheerleaders looked great for the first game. I do miss it!

Happy Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great week end!! love, the mama

jason said...

glad you guys had fun. can't wait to get out to a game with you guys!