Monday, November 26, 2007


In my family we have a Thanksgiving tradition... the tradition takes place between the main meal and dessert... at first people are hesitant to share, but after we get into it we are all very "thankful" that we take the time to do it...

I start by placing unpopped, unbuttered popcorn kernels in napkins. Then I tie a ribbon around each one to keep the kernels in. We then place them around the table. Each person finds a bundle at their seat. Some people feel the pouch and trade for fewer kernels and others ask for the hefty portion. At some point we all open our napkins and count the kernels inside. The tradition is to say one thing that we are thankful for for each kernel.

We started this tradition because its so easy to get together over the holidays and talk about nothing or everything besides what are gathered to remember... how thankful we are... we are truly blessed.

This year we laughed a lot! My Uncle Melvin and cousin Bobby were particularly entertaining and sincere. I will share some of things that I am thankful for here:

My husband
changing leaves
my nieces
a loving family
being part of the church
nc state
our washer and dryer
the Bible
my health
and much more...

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jason said...

Happy Thanksgiving Traci!!!