Thursday, November 29, 2007

The tip of a new foundation?

My life has taken some unique twists and turns over the past couple of years...

Grad School
Planting a church
Brother moving to Raleigh from seminary
Friendships across culture, race, religion, sexual orientation
Learning about human trafficking
Buying a house
Thinking about starting a family
Identity crisis: externally and internally
Fear, shame, guilt, anger, pain
Grace, joy, freedom, healing

On of things I am thinking about now is what it means to truly follow Jesus. I feel like God says, there is more than you think... there is more to ask, more to learn, more to seek, more to become...

Corey and I were talking the other day and I asked a question about assurance of salvation... he said thats not the main question that bible seeks to answer... the bible is teaching us about God, knowing God, and understanding a world made new in his ways, Jesus is "God made known" to us... His message is revolutionary for the world, more than understanding that we can be forgiven individually. We can and are forgiven and redeemed as individuals, but thats not the entire point...

So what is the point? Where does the message start now? I am seeking and wondering...

Jesus I trust you. Jesus I want to know what your life was like when you walked on the earth. Thank you that you are alive and your Spirit lives within me. Help me to walk in step with your Spirit. Bring me closer in relationship with you. Show me how to breathe your Spirit in every part of my life. Help our community to truly seek your face and show it to the world. Amen

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Anonymous said...

i agree with what corey says and I think we, as a society, are way more individualistic than we are supposed to be,...but i think sometimes if I don't keep really close to a thankful knowledge of my reliance on Jesus for my own individual salvation AND transformation... I can become very 'cause oriented' and lose my humility quite easily. Even tho i know and am grateful to be a part of a community, I am still going to have to 'answer' for myself as an individual..aren't I?
your transformation and growth as an individual, and your willingness to be so real with your thoughts and feelings have touched a lot of people in your community and outside of it.i'm grateful.


love, mom