Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My fabulous husband told me on Sunday, "I like that you have a big family, I had a good time hanging out with them." For those of you who know Matt, to get an unsolicited statement like that is a huge deal (especially to his wife). But, even more important to this post is that he pointed out his care for my family.

I too love my family and had a great time in Roanoke with them. My aunt and 2 cousins even drove to Raleigh to surprise me at Graduation. It was completely unexpected, then we got to have a fabulous lunch a the Raleigh Times (one of Matt and I's favs). After driving back to the Noke with my dad, we got to have a special dinner with my Mom at the Metro (Roanoke's up and coming hot spot).

SIDE NOTE: Roanoke was pretty happening, I was impressed!

Then on Mothers Day we got to have lunch at my Grandma's with two sets of my aunts/uncles/cousins and then dinner later with the others who weren't at lunch. Its not often that we reconnect like this and I had great time catching up. Sometimes I'm not a fan of holidays (like Graduation and Mother's Day) because I feel like they are played up to get us to spend money, but maybe there are some redeeming qualities of official days that bring families together away from our busy schedules.

Yesterday was filled with convos with my brother and his wife! I'm glad they are moving to Raleigh!

So, if any of my family is reading this (including Matt's side). I love you and am thankful for you!

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Corey Paxton said...

I love you too traci, I'm glad my daughters will get to grow up near you and have both of you invest in their lives!

i also look forward to it too