Monday, May 14, 2007

House Hunting

So, my brother and his family are moving to Raleigh and I have the privlidge of looking for a house for them.

Today I spent about 5 hours with some realtors looking all over. It was great fun. Besides the fact that my husband and I found a shell of a house in Boylan Heights that is VERY interesting, we also found a house that passes the sister standard.

I get way overwhlemed when things happen so fast. For example, we looked at the house for them, called them up and then there I am, helping them make an offer. After the realtors drove away I simply stopped to take a deep breath. When we found our house it was the same way though. I guess that is why "they" say that buying and selling houses is one of the most stressful times in life.

In the big picture of things though, its just a house... its temporary... its of "this" world... I'm GLAD!! That helps my needed deep breath last a little longer. It helps me to rest knowing that although where we live is important, its not the most important thing. Why do you think we put so much emphasis on things that don't last?


Anonymous said...

traci- you are a wonderful sister!!!
you know- i am waiting for archeologists to unearth diaries of the disciple's wives. (oh yeah- they probably couldn't write- darn.) i think if they could have they wouldn't have had time for diaries.They would have been heavy in to the practicalities and every day drama of life here on earth...taking care of everything their husband's left undone...hmmm. what don't we know?

in Revelations- there is much description of what heaven will look like. I can almost smell it, hear it, feel it. Why does God care about what the streets are paved with?

I think beauty and work and friendship and our homes and anything that helps 'us' experience life as full and rich and real have value. I get the sense that we will still have work to do in heaven and we will understand a right perpsective about all of it then!!

i am one of those people who lives in a differnt 'realm' than many other people. I often have to MAKE myself be concerned with those practicalities and mundane things that other people really stress about. when i don't concern myself it creates stress for others...another hmmm.

when you figure it all out, Traci let the rest of us regular people know. (ha ha -i'm just kidding cause I know Jason put pressure on you with all this genius talk. i knew you before you could talk so i'm not intimidated.)

love you muchly, mama

traci said...

Thanks mom!

I think you have some great points! Its hard to live in the inbetween, truly attempt to follow Jesus, live life to the fullest here on earth, enjoy beauty that God creates and have great opportunities to share life with others.

The house that I hope Corey and Danielle get is wonderful. huge beautiful trees, a wonderful yard for the girls to play in, a great ministry opporutnity for the downstairs basement, a HUGE kitchen!!

I'm kinda jealous actually, but hopefully Matt and i will be over there sharing life together lots.

I love you too!

Corey Paxton said...


i like the dots! welcome to the blog world, and thanks again for spending 5 hourse of your free time looking for houses for us. We are very grateful.


Your bro

traci said...

Thanks for the welcoming! I had a great time today looking at houses and would/will do it again for you if you need it.

I really need to figure out how to link things though.

Keep me posted on the house negotiations.