Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sorry to be on a blog hiatus for a few weeks. I have been pretty busy and the inner workings of my soul have been either too deep or not together enough to expose to the vulnerability of the blog world... 

I'm not quite sure what to share... here are a few sound bites from my brain... 

I love all of my loyal readers! 

I have spent almost 5 hours in the last 2 days getting my hair colored and cut and spent less that $40! I will post pictures at some point, but its gonna be a shocker :) 

Jesus is more faithful than I could ask for or imagine and I am privileged and humbled to lead a community that is seeking to follow him. 

The pig races are the best part of the State Fair.

We finally turned our heat on last night! Matt's choice :) We will turn it back off when we leave for our Cruise... Bahamas here we come.

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jennynaree said...

haha I hope you like it...and you got to have a little fun relaxing in that 5 hours ;)