Sunday, October 19, 2008

Laugh until your belly hurts

This weekend I had the opportunity on multiple occasions to laugh until literally my abs felt like they were going to bust in two. I attribute this mainly to my husband and his comedic banter with Jeramie Mullis

(by the way, check out the video on Jeramie's blog its hilarious too!)

While I'm giving shout outs... there wouldn't have been the opportunity for laughter if Jenny didn't have us over for gourmet smore's. We had special dark chocolate, cookies and creme chocolate, milk chocolate, ginger crisps and gram crackers, reece's cups, peanut butter, and hazelnut creme to choose from. Seriously, delicious ooey goodness in the mouth once again!

Confession, this also meant that I played Jenga 2 weekends in a row... and I loved it!

Then last night I got to be fully entertained by friends at Open Mic Night. Do you have friends who every day seem to surprise you with yet another amazing talent? I do! 
  • Melinda-- You are amazing!!! 
  • Jason-- how come I'm not surprised?
  • Pat- seriously you are awesome... I think Machine Head was my favorite of the requests, but you couldn't have done it alone... Jon, Zack, & Jon... so awesome! 
I could go on and on, but Wow! What a weekend and its not even over yet. I get to go to the fair tonight and eat some fried oreos that have had my mouth watering for over a week. 

Life is good ;)

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