Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Continuing the Saga

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on the mattress finding hunt.... As you read on you will find out that we have not decided what we are going to do yet... Surprise! Surprise!

Although the only product we have brought home at this point is a case of wine, we have had some great adventures... read on...

  • Prize #1 goes to: The Original Mattress Factory for their super sales techniques.
Have you ever had a salesman ask you to get in bed with him? I have! Here is the conversation...

Larry, "Lie on your back for me."
Traci, "Okay."
Larry (as he falls backwards onto the bed) "Can you feel that?"... "I weight 275 lbs., (again falling back onto the bed) I bet you can't feel a thing." (I am still lying on my back motionless).
Matt is on the other side of the store chuckling inside.

Have you ever had a salesman desuade you from buying something? We have! Here is the conversation...

Salesman Rowe (yes the salesman's name was Rowe)
Rowe, "Are you sure you want that one? You will have to buy new sheets." (we were looking at the most expensive mattress in the store.) 
Matt, "Oh, your last name is Rowe too. Where are you from? I have family in Michigan."
Rowe, "Oh, Wow! Really?"
Matt, "Do you have family from Michigan too?"
Rowe, "No." (thats it.. like we would be idiots to think that he might)
Matt, "Do you ever have people call you Row=e?"
Rowe, no response... 
(I think he wanted us to leave)... 

  • Prize #2 goes to America's Mattress: (I think this is where the Hathaway's got their mattress)
We pulled up to the store and Scott is outside washing all of the painting equipment that he had just finished using.... "Are you still open?" Scott, "yes, come on in, don't mind me, I'm a mess." 

He did a great job leading us to the mattresses that we would like right away. We actually may purchase one from him (a Serta)... but, he said 3 times, "I know I'm sounding like a used car salesman and I'm not one... I'm just trying to get you a good deal."  

He took $500 off the price of the one we liked and included free shipping... we didn't ask to include new pillows yet! 

Just before we left he let us lay on the "perfect sleeper" ones... um... heavenly... but out of our range of possibilities. He said he could get us a deal on one of those too, but not as good as the other...

This decision is sooo difficult!!!

  • Prize #3 goes to my Super Duper Friend Jessica:
Jess is going above and beyond to help us out. Its possible she will be able to get us an awesome mattress for a great price, but we have to trust that the one that the Ritz Carlton uses in its rooms is the one for us... 

Matt wants to hold out until we can go to High Point or Washington D.C. to lay on one. 

I give huge kudos to my friend for helping us out (and letting us sleep on her air mattress while we decide), but if we didn't have this option we would already have a bed... 


Julie said...

You're sleeping on an air mattress right now? What happened to your bed? I'm glad you're investing in a good bed. It is really one of the best things you can buy for yourself, so splurge if you can. It lasts a long time:).

Nastanis said...

Hilarious, thanks for the entertainment this morning.