Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seeking Advice

One of the things that we are going to do with our new found car selling fortune is to buy a new mattress. This is a special time for us for a couple reasons.

1) In college I refused to have a bed. I slept on a futon for 2 years and inherited bed parts from "friends" along the way. I have always had a hard time spending money on myself or allowing others (aka my parents) to spend money on me either. In my head, there were folks out there that had no bed, so how could I justify having one?... it would have made sense if I spent the $$ I would have spent on a bed on something noble, but I didn't.

2) The mattress that Matt and I are sleeping on currently was his "crazy quilt" mattress that he purchased in college for less that $300.

3) We are planning on buy a new mattress on Sunday afternoon. We were going to go last night, but decided to watch 90210 instead. Anyways, this is a big deal because it means that we will go to the store and buy a mattress in the same day. Typically when we make large purchases it takes us at least 3 trips and lots of comparison shopping.

So, here comes YOUR part! Tell me what kind of mattress you have, if you like it, how much you think is worth spending on a mattress and where to shop.



Jenny Benny said...

sealy or serta are good brands and easy to find many places. find a Sunday paper if you can with an ad for mattress stores. a good mattress is totally worth it. i've gone to my parents just to sleep in my bed there. that mattress is way nicer than what I have at my own house.

Kim Smith said...

You should ask Jeramie and Joye b/c they bought a new mattress recently and love it! Not sure what kind or anything, though. Good luck!

jennynaree said...

Costco has great deals! We bought ours at Rooms to Go longer around, but that is good because we are positive the bed we ordered wasn't the one delivered. So my advice is get a receipt that has all the details written out and double check that what they deliver is what you ordered :)

Jonathan and Meredith Ellis said...

Hey Traci. We got ours at original mattress factory. It's great. Jonathan doesn't like it anymore because it is too soft but that is something you pick out. They are very reasonable priced too. Good Luck!

Emmie Grey said...

Traci- I did my big college internship with Sealy Corp. in their Sales Department haha...I know ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you would ever want to know about every kind of matress...I also know the sales reps around the area.

I never knew I would get to share my knowledge with's just been hanging out in my head ;)

call me later!

Nastanis said...

Get a king size! We got the sterns and foster "B" model and have loved it. Depending on the store of purchase the name changed from the Buchanan, to the Biltmore, to other random B names. I'm sure we could create some fun bed names. That should be a drinking game.

I remember when we did our research that costco was a good place to buy. If you go to a mattress store or furniture store, be prepared for the sales pitch and to negotiate. It's hard to comparison shop because of this scam where they change the name of the same model for different stores. You can find info out there about comparable models if you look. Most are not as simple as a "B" model.

Remember, buy a king! 1) You don't know good sleep until you get it. For me that required avoiding the mid-night flying elbows. 2) Not to assume anything about your future, but from a child-bearing and rearing POV, the king is awesome. Extra space is key for the pillow forts pregnant women build to get comfy. Additionally, despite our own personal opposition to such things, kids occasionally end up sleeping in parents beds and the space is critical.

Joye said...

We just bought a Sealy Posturepedic at Mattress Firm in Cary. They were having a huge Labor Day sale, and we were in desperate need of a new mattress. Kim's right, we absolutely love it! It's firm, but it has a pillowtop which is really nice. It was one of the cheapest ones in the store, and I felt like we got the most for our money. I also told the guy I wasn't going to pay for shipping, so he threw that in for free :)

amy hathaway said...

Jon and I got a mattress from (I think it's called) the Mattress Factory or something generic up like that) on Glenwood on the right just after Millbrook just before Home Comfort. It was a real small store, but they were the least expensive of all the well-known stores.

We went to Mattress Firm, Rooms to Go, Home Comfort, etc (sorry we aren't CostCo shoppers, so we didn't check that one out). We looked at the name brand mattresses but decided to go with an off brand because we didn't really care about the name factor. Ours still came with like a 10 yr warranty or something like that, so we felt good about it. We got one that's got a nice pillow top to it, but Jon doesn't like it much anymore b/c it's starting to flatten on his side some because he's a lot bigger than I am. :)

If you and Matt have different firm/soft preferences, you could try the sleep number bed. I'm sure those are pricy, but my sister has one and it's pretty fun to play with. She's a lot smaller than her husband, so her side is softer while his side is more firm.

Judging by the size of your house, I'd stay away from a king. My mom has a king size and it basically takes up the entire footprint of her bedroom with a little teeny space to walk to her dresser. But I think you were saying you guys were just getting a new mattress, not a new bed, right? Anyway, Jon and I are pretty content with our queen.

traci said...

Thanks for all of the responses! I am pretty sure we are going to stick with a queen... I don't take up that much room, and I don't think our bedroom would fit a king size.

It is a hard decision for sure because I am going to want something soft and Matt needs something firm... we'll see what we can work out, not sure how much we want to spend yet??

Anonymous said...

We have a sealy deluxe pillowtope (second from the best) and it's very comfy. Secretely I miss my old serta pillowtop that I had before my wife and I married. It was just a little firmer and slept so much better. To each their own. It's a lot like flowers. Some like 'em, some don't.

Stay away from the discount places. They are notorious for having something on display, but something else in the plastic...and with their no refund policy; well...u get the point.