Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Full Circle

I have been part of NC State University for almost 10 years now. First, I was a student, Communication and Spanish, then a grad student, then a PhD student... during that time I got to teach a few courses of my own as well as work with the Service-Learning office as an intern/grad assistant.

So, until today I had been 1) a student 2) a grad student 3) a teacher

But, today I got to go back and be part of college class as the community partner. Jubilee has the opportunity to work with a Communication Class. The student group is going to be helping us with our PR (website, communication efforts, publicity, public awareness campaigns, etc.) I got to go and spend an hour talking with these students about Jubilee is and help make those connections with the university.

This is awesome to me for a couple reasons:

  • I love NCSU and its great to be back on campus
  • I get to be part of incorporating students in the abolitionist movement
  • Have an interconnected life where my worlds combine is important to me
  • I studied this stuff and now am seeing how practically applicable it is to an organization that I care about. 


Kim Smith said...

Wow, that is awesome Traci! I look forward to hearing what you are able to accomplish together!

jennynaree said...

Oh so fun, I am guessing this is Dr. Tondo's class :) it was one of my favorites.