Friday, September 19, 2008

Chase what matters

This morning I was watching the Today show and it made me think... seriously, we wonder why we have so many issues?

1) There was a story on the financial woes of our country. Credit Crisis, Mortgage Crisis, Wall Street, Main Street, etc. etc. The commentators were describing how this affects people and how difficult it is to get a loan. Apparently, American Express is cutting their credit limits for 100,000 customers. So, people won't have as much access to credit in these tough financial times.

2) They interviewed an "average American woman" to see how this affected her. One of her quotes made me pause, "I am definitely starting to watch what I am spending. I don't spend money that I don't have now." Really, it is taking a financial CRISIS to make you have a budget?!?

3) Then I saw this commercial (In the break after this story)...

I was having a hard time getting the audio to work on it, but the song goes "I want it all, I want it now!" and he is talking about a big screen TV. His wife at the end says, "It was totally worth it." NOTE: He got a text message that let him know how much he had left on his credit limit. NOTE: The last line of the commercial is "Chase what matters!"

I wonder why we have problems?


Nastanis said...

Right on Traci! I'm sure we could go into a thousand reasons why people feel the need for more stuff, despite it causing financial stress. I wonder how long that "it was totally worth it" feeling lasts. 1-day, 1-week? I saw a graph once, and I can't quickly find it, that demonstrates how people get a "high" of sort from buying stuff, but over time that high lasts for less time and isn't as big. The line graph looks like a tapering sound wave with tiny little peaks for each purchase. The graph pretty much holds true for all types of addictions.

Anonymous said...

traci- this is exactly our problem and that we see it as a right and necessity to spend frivivolously.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! i love you. mom

Anonymous said...

the ohhhh.. i love uou...comment was supposed to be @ your car!!