Monday, October 6, 2008

My official endorsement

Okay, okay, so I know many people reading my blog have already assumed they knew who I was planning to vote for for President in a few weeks, but I don't think I've ever really come out and said what I think for sure... here goes...

I am going to vote for Obama-Biden, and here is the kicker, I think you probably should too... I say that with the recognition that many people have different major issues than I do, so I totally respect others views and will let you in on how I made my decision...

  • I can't know it all and neither can they
  • No one is perfect in all areas
  • I still want to choose
*Confession: I have voted in 2 presidential elections in my life and both times I felt like I made an emotional decision or one based on the whim at the time. This time its different. I actually will be dissappointed if Obama looses the election

  • I had to ask myself, what can I know about? and what do I care most about?
  • For me the two main areas are education and health care
In both of these areas I believe the policies that Obama outlines are ones that I agree with. If I went into all the details on them this post would get even longer, so I'll spare you. If you are interested click the links above.

  • This morning I went to my first ever political ralley. I felt very empowered and got more information about specific things that would affect North Carolina. This was the kicker for me. (In McCain's defense, this was an Obama event and I haven't been to a McCain one, but I don't think I need to at this point... however, I will go if invited).
  • My only complaint about the event was that the invitaiton said 9AM and the speakers didn't start until almost 9:45AM. I did get to have some interesting conversations and a delicious cinnamon roll, but thought they could've been a little more prompt considering that a lot of people need to be working right now.
  • I learned something new... In NC, agriculture is the biggest industry and McCain and Obama are very different on supporting local farmers. Obama has supported the Farm Bill and our state needs to have local farmers supported to contribute to our economy. I love going to the farmer's market and I want those individuals to continue to thrive.
All in all, I am just loving the process. We have a lot to think about. If anything, I hope that you find the issues that are most important to you and learn about how you and others will be affected by them.

I also believe that government is not the solution to all our problems. As individuals, we need to take responsibility for our actions. As the church, we need to live radically to practically offer ourselves as a beacon of Hope. Being involved in our communities and in the political process is only a part of this.

**Just in case you are wondering... my views in no way are meant to be representative of Visio Dei. The church I am a part of is pretty awesome because we have such politically diverse view points and I hope that we can continue that openness as a community because its important to learn from each other. I certainly do.**


Erin said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear it! :) I too will be very disappointed if he loses.

Nastanis said...

Traci, I commend you on your rational decision-making process and deciding what issues will impact your vote.

I'm assuming a significant number of traci blog followers would classify themselves as some brand of a christian. I'll also generalize and assume that many christians vote based on issues related to their religious convictions. I firmly believe that an Obama-Biden administration would support an environment conducive to allowing us to make a dent in the missions jesus has laid out. For those who can't believe such a ridiculous statement please check out to read more about this crazy idea. They even address why Obama is the better choice for pro-lifers!

traci said...

Thanks for the link natalie! I just checked it out and it is very interesting... my endorsement may have come sooner if I had known about that :)

Charlotte said...

All well said but for the undecided....I would like to present some thoughts about the other side.
-does Christ call for the government to take care of his people? he charged Christians and the church to care for those in need.
-The fundamental platform of Obama is for the government to do this work. Yes, that is a very over simplified version but at core his ideals are to take care of people and help provide for their healthcare, education, and in some cases basic needs. How does the government help show the face of Christ to the individual?
Both myself and my husband have daily interactions with people who benefit from government entitlement programs and I have yet to hear anyone of these people proclaim to have seen the face of christ through their government check. However, the people who are helped through the kindness and service of others who have given their time and money by choice have often gotten to know Jesus through the people who served them.
Throughout the ages, the church, not the government has cared for the needs of people everywhere and the cool part here is that we are able to participate in this process as the body of Christ. In Obama’s plans the government will do a good portion of this work.
Not only will the government do this, but it will take away the flexibility of individuals and the corporate world to give to the programs and organizations of individuals and the church to further their missions in the world. My small business will no longer be able to donate money to the organizations that help our community. (nor will we be able to hire-but that is another blog) My family will be forced to give money to the government thus diminishing the amounts we give to organizations that we believe do kingdom work.
Our we as Christians supporting the outsourcing of God’s work?

Patrick said...

well said charlotte, well said