Thursday, November 20, 2008


Recently I feel like I have been bombarded with thoughts about water... not sure what to make of it...

#1: The Today show is doing a special on the "Ends of The Earth" that is quite fascinating. I saw Al up in Iceland watching huge glaciers melt away and talk with people in a natural hot tub. I saw Meredith talk with Australian life guards who train since age 6 to help save people from the dangers of the ocean. There are some pretty amazing things going on out there in the world. Has anyone else watched this series?

#2: This morning as I was running I saw a bunch of water all over Whittaker Mill Rd. I don't think I'm mistaken that it didn't rain last night or this morning. I'm not sure where all the water is coming from. I also almost got plummeted with water from someone's sprinkler. Yes, someone was watering their lawn this morning. Can someone help me understand why that is a good idea?

#3: I had an extensive conversation about showering habits with my co-workers and bar customers at NoFo yesterday. Matt and I have a shower timer that lasts for 5 minutes. It has the slogan, "Be water wise, shower in 5". I try to use it as much as possible. Those I was talking with were astonished that I would take less than 5 minute showers. I have to confess that during the winter I usually spin the dial twice because I like the hot water coming down on me. But, 5 minutes is a long time if you are counting. Also, I was talking a to a friend about my brother's rental property and he said they have a 40 gallon water heater and so when 5 guys are taking showers they are bound to run out of hot water, maybe they need to borrow my timer.
How long of showers do you take?

#4: When we were in the Bahamas I saw the most beautiful water ever, clear yet blue.... so amazing.


jennynaree said...


I have been watching the ends of the amazing!!! I think they do some amazing thing! I was amazed by Iceland as well and how they use the water as their energy source, seems like we could do that somehow?

Dana Enzor said...

In answer to your points:
1- No, I have not seen this, but it sounds pretty cool
2- that's just odd. Sorry about the sprinkler.
3- you should read my blog about my long showers and how it relates to our belated "turning on the heat". My showers probably last about 10 mins when the heat is on/ a little less when I'm in a hurry.
4- We saw that water on our honeymoon, and the water in the Virgin Islands. It really is spectacular. We were in a snorkeling boat and could see the bottom of the ocean, fish, turtles, everything, like it was in a picture. VERY clear. VERY beautiful.

Julie said...

I really like long showers. I never actually timed myself though. We all do a little something that's wasteful and maybe selfish, but in the long run, I'm pretty sure showers help me "wash away" all the nonsense from the day and I somehow feel a lot freer if I can extend the length by any means.I'm pretty sure I hate being cold so much that in the winter I wish I could stay in the shower forever.

Sometimes I secretely cook something and jump in the shower so I KNOW I have to get out or else the house will probably burn down:). Don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

1) yeah, it's cool

2) Possibly a fire hydrant purge/test

3) Hot water rules. We have two 50 gallon heaters so that we can savor it whenever we like. When you get kids, you'll understand just how much hot water you need

4) The same water is available in North Carolina. It's 50 miles off shore. I see it often.

Mip said...

I have never figured out how people take 5 minute showers. It completely confounds me. I dunno, perhaps I am OCD with personal cleanliness or something :) but it definitely takes me 15 minutes (or maybe 10, if I'm trying to go really, really fast...which almost never happens in the morning.)

let's hope the B&B has plenty of hot water this wkened :P

Jon said...

mmmmmm I like water. I saw a crayfish at a stream restoration site last week and got majorly pumped up. I am a nerd. It's not even like they're rare.

Water line breaks and sewer blockages can also cause ponded water :) You didn't see any TP did you?

amy hathaway said...

For #2, if you (or anyone else) ever see water running down the street during dry weather -- if it hasn't rained within the last day or so -- it could be a water line break or it could be a sanitary sewer break (raw sewage).

Water line breaks happen pretty frequently and sewer breaks happen a decent amount, too.

If you ever see water running down the street during dry weather, it could potentially be harmful to the environment and it should be reported to Raleigh's Stormwater Management Division (where I work); the phone number is 996-3940.

Simply tell the staff member what's going on and where and she'll relay the information over to one of my staff members to check it out. :)

-your friendly neighborhood water pollution preventer.

traci said...

Thanks for the tip Amy! I will remember that. Do you remember if there was a leak reported on Whittaker Mill last week?