Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Do you have any Christmas Traditions that are meaningful to you?

Last year we started one with my in-laws... a Christmas "hike" through the back woods of Holly Springs. It was a fun adventure. I will miss doing that this year as we are on my side of the family rotation.

My family has quite a few traditions...
  • Opening one present on Christmas Eve, usually just before we go to the Christmas Eve candle light service at church.
  • Wait until everyone is up in the morning to open gifts, stockings are our favorite part.
  • Summer sausage was a staple for breakfast (Dad, can we get that this year?)
A few years ago my parents started doing "Happy Birthday Jesus" presents. They will give to some organization or help support people that we (the recipients) believe advances the Kingdom. I love that! Although, I'm usually not that great at telling them where I want the gift to go. I'm starting to dream about it more this year.

How would you like to wish Jesus a happy birthday?


Anonymous said...

where do you want yours to go this year?? love, mama

Amy said...

I was thinking about Christmas traditions just this morning. Many of ours seem to revolve around food. There are the meringue cookies & peanut brittle my mom makes, and the smoked trout dip that my dad has to have...yep, I said trout, fresh caught and homemade.

traci said...

smoked trout dip?? I take it tastes good?

are the meringue cookies the ones with the choc in the middle. my grandma makes those and we call them surprise kisses.

fun times.