Friday, December 5, 2008

Pampered for a day

I hesitated for a short moment to write this post because I am enjoying something so wonderful when many others are facing hardships and tough times; but, I quickly realized that enjoying my life and sharing the things that I do NOT take for-granted might express my gratitude and bring a smile to your face. 

Matt works for an awesome company that is having their Christmas Party this year at the Grandover Resort in Greensborro, NC. He had to come up early this morning to work for the day, and so that means that I get to play in the Spa. I love my life! 

10AM: Deep tissue massage by Elka. It was fabulous :) So relaxing and invigorating. 
11AM: Cucumber mint pedicure by Stephanie. If you have seen my feet, you know how much I needed this one. 

Then up to my room where I am still sitting in an oversized bathrobe, enjoying a Chicken Salad Croissant and doing a little bit of work. 

A few Side Notes: 
  • Matt and I came about 2 years ago for my birthday and got hot stone massages. I wasn't thrilled with my massage because I like to get a pretty deep one, so this time I made sure to tell her what I wanted. It worked! So, if you ever go to get a massage I greatly suggest voicing your opinions about what you like and don't like. 
  • Every time I eat a croissant I think, "this is delicious", buttery, flaky, light, the texture is just perfect:) 
  • I have this really bad habit of picking at my feet. I'm sorry for any of you have noticed me doing this! I am going to try to stop and hope this pedicure is the first step to curing my bad habit and cracking heels. 
  • It used to be hard for me enjoy days like this... I should be doing something more "productive"... but, I am realizing that enjoying each moment, soaking in the beauty, cherishing the little frills all around me, taking time to pray, read, and rest is a gift from God.
Thank you God for blessing me so immensely today. Help me to cherish these moments with you and to see them for what they are, a gift, nothing to feel guilty about, something to enjoy. Help me to extend these gifts to other people with your spirit of love and humility. Amen

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