Sunday, December 7, 2008

Need Help finding Christmas Gifts?

How do you gift wrap hope? For a young victimized girl trapped in the horrors of the sex slave industry, hope means the possibility of rescue ... hope means safety, security, compassionate care ... hope means family, home, a new life ... hope means life for her precious unborn baby...

Each Freeset bag tells a story of one woman’s journey to freedom. She used to stand with 6,000 other prostitutes in a small but well-known town in North Calcutta. She didn’t choose her profession; it chose her. Poverty does that. It robs people of their dignity and children of their innocence.

She still lives in the same area, but instead of selling her body she sells Freeset Bags. Now she has choices, the choice to work decent hours for decent pay, to reestablish her dignity in her community and to learn to read and write. Now her daughter won’t stand in the street selling her body like her mother used to. Freedom has been passed on to the next generation.

With a TassaTag you support ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) USA. This is a non-profit children's rights organization whose mission is to protect all children from commercial sexual exploitation. It is the US Chapter of Thailand-based ECPAT International, working at the community, national, and international levels for 15 years.

The Emancipation Network
The Emancipation Network helps survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery by providing sustainable income - we sell beautiful fair trade handicrafts made by survivors at 22 shelters and prevention programs all over the world.

We also offer you a way to become involved in fighting human trafficking, helping survivors, and educating others about this human rights crisis. The Emancipation Network is helping to create a community of modern abolitionists in the US – everyday people who want to help end slavery.

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