Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its time for another restaraunt review

Some might call Matt and I "foodies". We love to go out to eat so we can enjoy new flavors and ambiances. We shy away from chains and make adventures out of finding the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal.

We are also a bit of downtown snobs and rarely venture outside the beltline to find new items to grace our pallets. This tendency should not stop anyone from visiting Savoy.

Thankfully, friday night, we drove out Lead Mine Rd. and found what I consider the best food in Raleigh.

Savoy's scrumptious plates will keep me talking for months...

We started off with a lobster salad, lumps of lobster in between the freshest guacamole and slices of sweet yet tangy oranges... a few glasses of wine later out came our main courses...

I had scallops, pan seared with creamy parsnips and of course, beets, lightly covered with a mushroom Bearnaise sauce. Can you hear me now? "Oh my gosh! This is so good." Close to a scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Matt enjoyed Black Angus steak with pom frits and a double sauce bang, red wine reduction and Bearnaise...

Its hard for me to understand how Peter Gibson and Marshall Smith are able to come up with these fantastik (with a k) combinations.

My only complaint is that we sat in a large booth (big enough for 4) and couldn't touch each other across the table, so we were "that couple" who sat next to each other in the booth :) I love being "that couple"! So, maybe its not a complaint at all.

If you are considering a new place to go and want to enjoy a fun atmosphere (not stuffy at all) and delicious food... venture out towards the North and have a taste of Savoy.


Anonymous said...

so..did you have fun?!!! ha ha

love, mom

JoSmith said...
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JoSmith said...

I'm the other Mom. Mother of both chefs at Savoy!! Traci - thanks for your kind words. I keep telling myself that it isn't "just because they are my sons" that I love the food. It is amazing and I don't believe that there is anything else like it in Raleigh. Thanks for taking the time to blog it!