Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Celebration

Gotta Love that we have a Valentine's celebration of couples and immediately the women end up in one room and the men in the other :)

Girls: what needs to be done? We are in the kitchen, preparing the final things, and surrounding the food, enjoying conversation about what we did that day, having babies, cooking food, etc.

Guys: in the living room, relaxing on the couch, drinking beer and talking about life... maybe the conversation was about sports, or finances, or politics, or raising families... Not sure, I wasn't in there.

I'm just making an observation, not saying its good or bad or whatever... I would say that I prefer my girl time sometimes and at others prefer to be one of the only points of estrogen with the testosterone.

Many thanks to the hosts with most: Jessica and Hunt and for the reason that we got together: Jonathan and Meredith Ellis. It was great to catch up and spend quality time with good friends.

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traci said...

I need to remember that when I put pictures on blogger the once I upload first are the last ones on the post...