Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have Issues and We need to deal with them

I am once again confirmed about starting a group for women facing disordered eating patterns and negative views of self....

This morning I got an email from a friend who was quoting a statement from another friend's facebook page. I don't know the woman who posted this, but maybe you can identify with part of it....

My worst enemy....MYSELF. I am very judgemental of myself, and put myself down daily. I wonder if I will ever feel good enough and my appearances will ever be to my satisfaction. I know we all deal with our weight issues from time and time...but I think about my weight almost every minute of the day...and that's no exaggeration. I hate the way I feel about myself. Wedding or not...it sucks.

You may not find shock in this or you might. If you identify with this statement or have identified with or do from time to time then you might consider coming to the group that I am going to start in March. I actually found out that there is a group called Eating Disorders Anonymous. I am looking into doing something similar to this.

Upon viewing their website I found out that there is a group meeting at Hope Community Church on Saturdays at 11AM At first this made me think that I should just become a part of this group, but then I started thinking about AA and NA and other groups like this that have multiple locations and meetings all the time. I would venture to say that dealing with our eating issues is just as prevalent and support is just as necessary.

I was also talking with another friend who mentioned that she didn't know if she wanted to be a part of the group because she wasn't sick enough right now. To this thinking I say, this is exactly when we need support and can encourage each other. There is a part of me that has this attitude and doesn't want to admit the "little" things (compared to almost death), that keep me in daily bondage... NOT WORTH IT!!

Be looking for the group to come.
Any Comments?


Anonymous said...

i am glad you are trusting the nudgings of the Holy Spirit.I think you will be blessed way more than you know. love, mom

p.s. i still have affirmation books that i use on a regular basis.
God has commanded me to love myself and that means inside and out. this is good work!!

Anonymous said...

i think, even if you are doing 'okay' right now..the rigorous honesty involved with the 12 steps programs opens up beautiful spiritual avenues, as well as even deeper friendships...with people as well as with the lord.

that's my experience!! traci's mom