Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friends and Family

Last week Matt's grandmother passed away. Its one of those situations where there is sorrow for death, something that doesn't completely make sense, but there is peace in believing that she is better off now than the suffering that she experienced the last few years of her life.

We made a quick trip down to Birmingham, AL. Matt's family comes from a part of town called Mountain Brook. It is beautiful! There is southern charm that just oozes from the streets. I got to hear stories from Jonathan (Matt's oldest brother) about Mimi (their gma's nickname). She lived a full life, held strong convictions and cared very deeply for her family. Her memorial service was a celebration of her life.

Going down there with Matt's family also gave me a chance to get to know them better (as you realize from my previous post). I am starting to feel like a sister to them now. Jokes, love, truth, picking on each other, etc. Very Cool!

Some other pics are from a wedding we recently got to go to. This dress is the one Matt gave me for Christmas... it took me 6 months to wear it out, but I got so many compliments on it, you are bound to see it again! Thanks babe! I got to pick out Matt's ties for AL and he wasn't too excited about the ones I picked out, but I like them and the one he wore grew on him throughout the day :)

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Kim Smith said...

Coming from your very straight, married girlfriend... you look HOT in that dress! Work it, girl!!! :)