Monday, June 8, 2009

my favorite quote from my brother in law

The running joke of the few days I got to spend with Matt's brothers down in Birmingham was that I some how majored in Oprah in college and was a pro at helping the boys get in touch with their feelings. We did a lot of analyzing and laughing, but no tears (yet!)

Several times, there were conversations that began to turn towards the emotional and someone would say, "I sense an I feel statement coming on..."

We then later were discussing how much we used technology like facebook, twitter, and blogs. We asked Andrew if he was on twitter and he responded... "That is like 24-7 I feel statements to the world... I have trouble even doing that with ya'll, what do you think?"

I love that! It didn't occur to me how insightful that quote was until I read my previous blog post and thought, hmmm.... for the expressers, this is my "I feel" statement to the world outlet in many ways :)

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Anonymous said...

'm so glad for your " i feel " statements" mama