Sunday, October 28, 2007

Football Friends Food

Saturday was a great day! I got to run with Bobbi Jo in the morning. I love getting to know friends better :)

Then after a couple hours of school work, we went to Mandy and Daniel's for a home tailgate celebration. Aren't the boys cute (I mean tough, with the football and all)...

Some of our family came by to see us too! That was great! Congrats Liz and Elliot, I'm glad ya'll got to hang out with our friends too.

We then got to enjoy the Wolfpack Win!! I watched the cheerleaders and recollected my glory days, while Matt pensively considered the best next move for the Pack.

Afterwards we wanted to celebrate. But, our friends have a tough time deciding where to go... We can never decide where to eat and when we want to move from one location to the next. We missed the Ellis' in helping us to decide.

Finally, we picked mexican, but when we walked in to the deserted restaraunt and saw the the ten year old boy vacuuming at 10 minutes to close we decided to take Meredith's advice and hit up Chili's.

Good times with friends.


Shannon Smith said...

Excellent post... Not too happy... Very informative.

I'll throw in one of these :) because I am sort of joking.

Jon said...

Matt was probably trying to figure out when we were going to fall apart and throw the game.