Monday, October 22, 2007

Tastes from the past

Yesterday afternoon I met a friend to talk about life including the various twists and turns we take on our journey towards discovering and embrasing our true identities. We met at McDonalds for an ice cream cone.

In the midst of thinking about my present and future I was sent to my past...

The first Young Life Camp I ever went to was in New York. Just outside the camp we stopped on a huge bus at McDonalds. While the (what seemed like forever) we waited in line, friendly people from McDonalds came to these high school kids providing free dream cones. I was shocked! What wonderful service. They said it was because we were having to wait so long and they were just being friendly and welcoming to their area... but, I will never forget the taste of that ice cream cone or the amazement of how generous the people were.

Once we got to the camp we learned that the program staff had been the ones posing as Mc emloyees (I'm not sure how they worked that out?). Pretty Cool!

So yesterday, as I licked my soft serve I was reminded of how wonderful Young Life is (not just for the ice cream of course) and how much God still has in store. When I was 15 I had no idea where I was going to be at 26.

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traci said...

* Side Note*

I know that McDonalds and corporate America is controversial... and I'm not advocating for all of it, but I am celebrating part of it.