Saturday, October 13, 2007

State Fair

Last night I went to the North Carolina State Fair with some wonderful friends. I wish I had remembered my camera because then I could've posted pictures of huge pumpkinds, cows, sheep, racing pigs, racing ducks, delicious fried food and scary rides galore... If you can't picture it you need to go!

My recommendations:

1) Learn something about the state agriculture. Does anyone want to share a new fact they learned?
2) Go with a group of friends or a romantic date :) Sorry Matt is taken already.
3) Eat some fried OREOS, but stay away from the fried Reece's cups.
4) Try a root beer float (from the red tent) Jason's favorite.
5) Watch the pig races. I had never seen a pot belly before. Its pretty amazing.

Off to study for Mid Term #2


Patrick said...

a bit about NC agriculture. my great uncle has a dairy cow award named after him.

Jon said...

Come see me on wednesday night somewhere between 5:00 and 7:00 or something. I'll be working in the coopertive extension area. I will answer any and all questions stormwater related. I will drop knowledge from the sky like rain. I will punch children who can't answer my questions 3. I will also buy my wife kettle corn.