Monday, October 8, 2007

Update on Life

I feel like I have been distant from the blog world recently, and I have... but, just an update on life. Things are good, but busy. I'm thinking about how wonderful of friends that I have (see pics).

I am thankful for discipleship relationships that I had in college and continue to this day.

I am thankful for people who speak truth into my life and care for my whole being.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband. It was just our two year anniversary on Sunday. We went to dinner and got to walk around down town and spend time talking about a lot of life. This is so needed!! My feet hurt though, because I wore my awesome hot black high heals for the two-three mile treck around Glenwood and Fayetteville St. Man, fashion hurts.

I will never forget my mother's advice from a young age... always wear comfortable shoes :)

Anyways, I'm off for another busy week, my first midterm as a PhD student on Wednesday, reading, research, and writing... coupled with watching The Batchelor, Jubilee meetings, The Office, Meeting with friends who are sick and have praises, waiting expectantly for a new baby to come into the world, and hope for heaven on earth.


Erin said...

You always have the nicest, happiest blog posts - they make me smile! :)

traci said...

Thanks Erin :) I like smiling.

Corey Paxton said...

was jason wasted in that picture?

ha ha

great thoughts sis

Anonymous said...

man- your mother gave you awesome advice. guess who!!! We're back!!