Saturday, April 26, 2008

laughing at myself

I just got back from the bike shop where they put clipless pedals on my bike. I have already learned a ton from this process and know that the learning has just begun.


1) Pedals with clips are actually toe clips so that you can strap you tennis shoe feet into the pedals
2) I have mountain bike cleats on my bike shoes
3) You need a special wrench to change the pedals ** Yesterday I spent 20 minutes trying to remove my old pedals myself and realized that once again, I needed help! Why can't I do it myself?

4) If I'm patient I can figure some things out. I hooked my bike rack on my trunk all by myself! I felt like this was a big accomplishment. Matt is out of town and I worked through all of the directions.

So, now that I'm back from getting the clipless pedals I need to practice getting on and off the bike. I tried several times and crashed in front yard. I figured that I could give my neighbors some good entertainment for their Saturday afternoon. I needed to take a lunch break, but I'll be back at it this afternoon and tomorrow.

Any suggestions on how to make the transition?


george said...


Great move! Once you get used to clipless, you'll never go back. But it does take getting used to. Here are a few things to try ...

1) Take the bike inside and put it across the threshold of a doorway so that you can hold yourself up with your arms on the doorframe. Now you can get on the bike and get used to what it feels like to clip in and out of the pedals.

2) Do just what you're doing - practice on grass so that crashing doesn't hurt much.

3) To get on, straddle the bike. Take whichever foot you feel most comfortable clipping in first and put that pedal all the way down (by pedaling backwards). Clip in. Then pull up with that foot (again, pedal backwards) until that pedal is at about 11 oclock. Push forward hard to start rolling and clip the other side in.

4) Remember you have clipless pedals. Remove one foot when you're coming to a stop and lean that way to put that foot on the ground to stop. If it's a brief stop, just leave the other foot clipped in and repeat #3 to restart.

5) If you have access to a trainer that you can put your bike on, that's a great way to practice.

6) Realize that you will fall at some point at a stop sign or some such - everyone does. And there will always be a bunch of people around to see it. Wear helmet and gloves always and try to fall gracefully and laugh it off ;-)

7) Have a great time!


traci said...

Thanks for the tips George!! Yesterday I rode close to 20 miles with Julianne and Jenny and didn't fall at all. I even had to stop at stoplights, on hills, and drive in traffic.

It was pretty funny because at first every time I would clip out and back in a would say "Success!!" Jenny was humoring me for sure:)

Jenny Benny said...

you did awesome yesterday! i'm proud of you!