Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was hoping to garner some sympathy by posting my blown up face on my blog, but after taking these photos I realized that I don't really look that different than normal.

However, I do feel different! I have this underlying sense of nausea... I want to kick it, but am not sure how... it pushes me back to the pain meds (they are oh so good)! But, I am trying to stay off of them. So far today I've only had two ibuprofen.

Yesterday I had lots of visitors! Thank you friends! I am feeling very special and cared for. But, now I am starting to feel like life should go back to normal, but I'm not quite there yet... this is the hardest place for me to be I think.

So, on to thinking more deep thoughts and maybe doing some ironing.


Mandy said...

Traci - you look wonderful! There is nothing wrong about thinking those deep thoughts...some of us probably don't do it enough!

Anonymous said...

i think you look like you need your mother.

Mip said...

hey, I've been there before so you've got my sympathy, no matter how normal your pictures look! :P

chewie said...

sorry... you look better than that normally! Who punched you in the face?! :) Hope you're feeling better... we'll try to visit this weekend.