Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Atalnta Adventures

My trip to Atalanta last weekend was a blast. I think I post similar thoughts every time I go to visit Charlotte, but its like a breath of fresh air. When I am with Charlotte all my true colors come out without me having to try. Its fun, deep, unique, vibrant, and full of present moment soaking in fun.

We started out by going to dinner at South City Kitchen on Thursday night. This Midtown hot spot was a good find. Its located across the street from a club called "The Opera". We didn't go inside this time but reminissed from Charlotte's 21st birthday party. That was the place where I chipped my tooth on an Amstel Light bottle.

After leaving South City we walked a few bars down to meet up with one my high school friends and her husband. I'm so glad that Michelle and Charlotte have become running and 80s dance party buds.

Then onto bed at the Geletka B&B! We slept in and then took a much needed walk to the french bakery down the street. If I lived in Atlanta Alon's would break my bank account. Its delicious and the choices are amazing.

We got to spend some quality girl time while Matt went to his conference and Rob onto work. Then that evening Charlotte & I went out Sex in the City style to One Midtown Kitchen. We were greeted by valet parking and then on into the massive metal doors. Our short white haired host welcomed us with true midtown Atlanta charm.

Do we go out or not? Well, the consensus was, more quality conversation on Charlotte's front porch enjoying the delicious Chateau Motelleana wine. If you have seen the move 'Bottle Shock' this wine was from that winery. Good wine goes great with friends :)

Then more sleeping, walking, coffee and a yoga session. (I was the instructor). It was much needed as my IT band is still in recovery mode from the 60 miles and beach work out weekends preceding this one.

After waiting out a rain storm we headed out to a true Louisiana style Craw fish boil. We got up close and personal with some little crustations. It was a charity benefit for the Make a Wish Foundation. But, it seemed like a frat party. Its amazing how many different types of people there are there. I also got to get a first hand run in with Charlotte's doggie obsession. I hope its a phase!

All in All a great trip!


Anonymous said...

that's so cool that Charlotte and michelle have become friends! i'm glad you had so much fun. love, mom

Anonymous said...

watch out for extreme close ups but the doggie was so cute! Loved your account of our time together! You make Atlanta seem like a fun place everyone will want to visit. Can you email me those pics so that I can keep them on my computer!

traci said...

You can drag the photos off the web page onto your desk top or into your iPhotos I am also working on putting them up on facebook and you get them off of there. I'll work on emailing them, but will you try that first?

i love visiting atlanta!