Friday, May 1, 2009


I have a friend, Mike, who is big into internet communication and helping people find info about books and helpful resources for life following Jesus. He asked me to participate in an exercise where I get to review books. This means that I get to pick from a selection of books and then review them on my blog and also on the ooze.

My first book to review is 'enough: Contentment in an Age of Excess' by Will Samson. I received the book last week and started reading it two days ago. It is 161 pages long, so my plan is to write 3 separate posts that will help me to actually say something about my process through reading the book. I'm currently on page 65.

Here are my current thoughts:

The forward and introduction to the book were very helpful because the first several chapters are a bit of repeat of ideas that I have learned and thought about recently... a biblical, Christ follower perspective on stuff, not much new so far. I'm looking forward to the later parts of the book where he offers some practical suggestions. I think that is the piece that many of us are searching for.

The most compelling part of his writing at this point has been the way that he introduces each chapter. He basically gives an excerpt from Jesus' interaction with the rich young ruler and alters Jesus response to model how we (many Christians in America) have heard Jesus respond. Here is one clip...

One day Jesus was walking down Main Street on his way out of town, and rich and influential young lawyer came up to him and asked him: "Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" And Jesus replied, "Great question! I've never thought of that before. Give me some time to get back to you on that one." And the man went away pleased, because he really wasn't ready for any big changes at this point in his life. p. 53

This one caught my attention because I agree that often I ask for Jesus to tell me something and already know the answer, but I act as if he still hasn't told me yet.

For me it all goes back to understanding the sacrifice that Jesus made and the hope that he has given us, and how that propels us into radical life changing action. I'm not saying I'm there at all, just on my journey and hoping not to stop at comfort with 'eternal security' but to take part in the call to live as Jesus did here and now.

So, be looking for more to come from my reflecting on this book and others I receive from the ooze.

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