Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John 17/ Lectionary/ FOJs

I am thankful to be included in a group of people who call ourselves "Friends of Jesus". Its a group full of pastors and those pursuing the "kingdom of God" in tangible ways. It got started when Shane Claiborne came to Raleigh about a year ago. We meet once a month to encourage and pray for one another and to meditate in community using the lectionary reading for the week. Here is the first example that popped up on google for lectionary readings 2009.

*Side Note* I come from a Presbyterian tradition that used a lectionary, but when I was growing up I didn't know that was the case. Now I am part of church community that has gotten away from this tradition. I'm not quite sure how it got started or much about why people use it (I have some guesses though). Anyways, this past weekend (just after meeting with the FOJs) I attended a worship gathering of my parents church community. They too use this system for teaching and worship. So I got to think about the same things again. Is the link I found a credible one? Anyone want to offer insight into why and where this came about?

I feel humbled to be a part of this group of folks. Its weird to me that I get counted as equal with them. In my world, these folks are some of those I consider to be a "big deal." I am pretty sure I am the youngest one attending and am one of only 2 women, the other of whom is ordained. But, there is something about the way they listen to me and encourage me that empowers my spiritual journey and leadership in ways that I haven't quite felt before. To any of those folks who are reading this... Thank you!

The passage I have been thinking about since then is John 17. Its Jesus prayer for his disciples and then those who will believe through those who walked with Jesus while he was around 2000 years ago. If Jesus had a desire for us... those believing now... this would be it! Wow! A window into the heart of the one I follow.

Things I am learning? Jesus desires for me to be one with the Father just as he is one with the father. Jesus says that his glory will be revealed in US! Jesus asks for our protection and our unity. Unity with one another in community and unity with God, Jesus himself, and the Holy Spirit. To believe that we have his Spirit. To believe and feel and act on the Love of God. Just as Jesus did!

What does this mean to me?

Complete surrender
Complete assurance of purpose
Complete awe of God's power at work in me, at work in you!

Do you ever consider yourself one with God? With Jesus? With the Spirit? Why? Why Not? What is Holding you back? The freedom, passion, grace and assurance of living up to what Jesus has already given us is amazing. I am in that spot for the moment and hope to hold onto it for just a little while longer until again I ask for help with my unbelief.


Hugh said...

The Revised Common Lectionary is pretty much fixed - meaning, it should not vary much from site to site. A really good FAQ about the Lectionary and how it came to be, etc is here: http://tr.im/mqJP

traci said...

Thanks! I hope to spend some time looking at that in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

i also think it's cool that matt helped hannah with her 'fishy tail'
he's a man of many talents. we're glad he's a part of our fam. love, mom