Thursday, June 7, 2007

Crazy Week!

As a community we have been talking about the connection between our hearts for Jesus and our hands and feet for the world. This past week I have actually experienced the intersection of the two first hand in several ways... let me tell you... its a rush!!

I am not trying to brag on my good deeds, but I am trying to explain this phenomenon that occurs when we serve out of grace rather than out of guilt...

First, one of my best friends just moved to Atlanta. I got to be part of throwing her a good bye party. It was hard to say good bye, but it was great to enjoy each other, show love to each other and remeniss about fun times we have had with hopes of more unique ones to come.

Second, Matt and I got to drive to Florida in one day and then back the next to be with two of our best friends who just had their first child. I have to admit getting up early after having a little too much fun at Charlotte's going away party was rather difficult (I did say a few curse words)... but, once we got in the car and once we stepped in to the hospital room (Kim's state at that time is another story)I realized that I wouldn't trade the experience of being in Tallahasee with them for anything.

I love my friends!

Third, I got to meet with some new friends just to get to know each other and ended up sharing my struggle with anorexia and bulemia and how much God has spoken to me and encouraged me over the years and the struggles that I still face and how I seek encouragement and accountability. I think openning up with them was helpful for myself and for my new friends... God's light always shines in the darkness!

I say all of this because sometimes I try to come up with new and profound ways to "bring God's kingdom to earth" and miss the joy in living in the spirit. The above three things forced me to rely on Jesus and my community in new ways and helped me to experience the blessing of overflow.

Let me know if this makes sense to anyone else?


Anonymous said...

this makes absolute sense to me!!I'm so proud of and happy for you and Matt and the Spirit led life you are leading.
love, the mom
thanks for the pics of Palmer Hayes!I'm so glad you guys got to be with them.Keep me updated on his progress.

traci said...

I had a thought... all of these instances were either with people whom I cared deeply about or about topics/areas that I am passionate/have experienced healing in...

my hope is that as I continue to build more relationships and experience more healing that I will step farther outside of my comfort zone to overflow and joy.

I love you mom!