Monday, June 11, 2007

New Neighbors

Matt and I decided to take a walk yesterday evening after finishing our yard work. Both of us were a mess:

Matt: shirtless (trying to tan his white torso)
Me: tank top and paint spattered jeans with mud soaked knees from digging in the dirt
Both: Michelob Light cans in hand

We walked up a different direction than normal and ran into Carl and Jay. They are our new friends. They invited us over for dinner and we said "we would love to, we'll probably come back"... they didn't think we would...

We took showers and changed, then went back over. Its great to have people accept you when you are dirty and when you are clean.

When we showed back up and they invited us to come with them to a dinner party at some other friends house. At first it was a bit ackward, but then we had a great time! Its exciting meeting new neighbors and stepping a bit outside the norm to get to know others. Hopefully we will hang out with them again.

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Anonymous said...

traci and matt are the 'bomb'!! guess who