Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Picture Fun

Now that I can put pictures on my blog I am VERY excited!!!

We are also looking to get a new digital camera... any recommendations?


Bernie said...


Thanks for checking out the blog (I know it needs an update!). I'll be in Raleigh on the night of July 15, and I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to meeting you and Matt when I get over there.

Also, I've been very happy with my Nikon Coolpix camera. Check out for some great deals.

- Bernie

traci said...

Thanks Bernie!

I'll check out the camera and we are looking forward to meeting you too. We will be out of town when you get here, but will be back in town July 23rd.

Corey spent over 10 minutes telling me how awesome you are! So, you come with great recommendations for friendship. I'm sure you and my husband will get a long great and you will find fast friends here in Raleigh.