Thursday, June 21, 2007

Credit Card Woes

I am regrettfully reporting an oversight on my part that has lasted for over 3 years... I have a credit card that I barely use and don't keep to close an eye on, but noticed that I was still getting a bill for it... I wasn't too worried at first. I thought maybe I had purchased something with it and then forgot about it... but, since I don't even have the plastic version of it anymore, when I continued to get a bill on it I was a bit distressed.

So, I did some investigation. I found out that for at least 6 months I had been getting a $9 charge from the same place "WLI*Travelvaluesplus.c" After spending 20 minutes on hold with the credit card company I gave up and decided to wait and ask my husband's advice last night.

He then "googled" the description and the first thing that popped up was a Rip Off Report!! This was a bit disconserting to say the least. So, we finally got a hold of the credit card company and the Travel Reward Program... neither of which were extrememly helpful, but at least we aren't going to be charged any more.

Apparently in March 2004 I did not UNcheck a box when on the site This oversite has added up to over $350 of charges over the past 3 years that I did not even notice coming out of my account.

I feel took
I feel foolish
I feel angry
I feel stupid
I feel much smarter now


Anonymous said...

it sure makes me be more careful to double check the 'boxes' i check!!! love you, mom

Shannon Smith said...