Friday, June 8, 2007

Thoughts about community

One of the things that I am so thankful for is the community that I am a part of. Some people may think this referrs to my church community Visio Dei, but its more than that. Visio Dei is a big part of why I have such a strong community, but then I have other friends that aren't a part of my church whom I love and cherish and with whom I experience deep relationships and life sharing.

Somehow I am thinking that church community is different than social community. There are different expectations and responsibilities.. maybe? I feel fortunate to be one of the ones in the church who has reeped the beneifts of relational support, giving to others, challenging by others, knowing that I can call several people at any time of the day and they will talk with me... but, this has taken time and investment...

So, I guess my question is how do we as a church help others who don't already have these connections to have them? I have several one on one relationships with individuals who feel like outsiders... and see other potential relationships with people that I have yet to get to know very well...

As I just said, I think it takes time, but it also takes willingness to reach out and willingness on many people's parts to be vulnerable, face fears of rejection, put others before ourselves, think outside of the "norm", etc. My prayer is that I would do this more and more and that we as a community would do this more and more... I do think we are, it just takes time and I'm a bit impatient.

any thoughts?

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