Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines Day

Our church community has several home groups where we live life together and work out our place in this epic story that God is writing.

Our group typically get together on Thursday nights and this week, that was Valentines day.

The guys in our group came up with a plan. It was fantastic!

Jonathan Gould watches Dinner Impossible for fun and used his culinary skills to provide the ladies in our group with the meal of a life time.

We walked in to the house to a beautiful white table cloth setting...

Jason and Ben used their waiter skills to provide impeccable service. Each dish was explained down to the drizzles and we enjoyed each morsel of it.

The meal started off with a mock california roll. Grilled shrimp with avocado and chili sauce in a scooped out french baguette served with wasabi mayo.

Round 2: Chilled cucumber soup.

Round 3: Angel hair pasta with proscuitto (I don't know how to spell this word) in a parmesan cream sauce.

Round 4: Grilled Pork Loin with a port wine reduction served over baked sweet potato rounds.

Finally, the chefs brought out the dessert. I am a chocolate fan, and felt like I was tasting just a bit of heaven when I put my fork into the layered cheese cake. Layer 1: a chocolate cookie, 2: chocolate moose cheese cake, 3: white chocolate cheesecake, 4: chocolate ganashe.

My favorites were the appetizer and the dessert, but these are my typical pics.

So, the food was delicious and Jon rightfully earned a relaxing couch trip; but even more than the food, the conversation between the women coupled by the servant hood and thoughtfulness of the guys made the night one none of us will ever forget.

Thank you so much to my husband for watching the kids, Jon, Ben, Jason, and Jon for cooking, serving, and cleaning up and to Amy, Amare, Meg, Lori, & Christy for sharing your lives with me.


Anonymous said...

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Kim Smith said...

Wow! Are there any openings in your home group? Sign me up! haha - just kidding. You have a very special group. Kudos to the guys. Sounds like dinner was wonderful!