Monday, February 25, 2008


One of the new things I have gotten into is Yoga.

I have "practiced" on and off by myself over the past couple years, but since we joined the YMCA I have started taking a couple of classes. I still like doing it by myself better, but classes are good to find out some innovative techniques.

Yesterday I took one where we did some new fun upside down poses. If you know me, I love to go upside down! So, I was having a ball.

I have included a couple of pics to help you visualize our inversions :)

The final pose is called "happy baby". Every time I see videos of my baby friends I think about this pose.
Truly it follows its name.


Anonymous said...

i love these. you'll always be my happy baby!!
guess who?

Mandy said...

Yes that pose is "perfect for its name!