Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We made it!

Last evening was very challenging. We left Roanoke about 1:30PM and didn't arrive at our conference center (D.C) until 8:30... this is largely do to the fact that the last 30 miles of our trip took us 3 hours.

While trying not to go crazy in the car we talked, banged against windows, laughed, reorganized our cell phone contacts, called numerous people, texted people, listened to music, had some snacks, complained ALOT, tried to figure out why anyone would live in a city that was like this, and were genuinely just frustrated.

I think the pictures show the emotional progression that I felt from being stuck in the car.

I only went through 4 pieces of gum, which is a huge accomplishment. And, I was driving. I only freaked out a couple of times, but other than that held my own. My husband would be proud of me.

We finally arrived at the 4H center and then went to find some food and beverage to calm down our nerves.

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Anonymous said...

that stinks!!! i hope things got better from there!! love, mom