Monday, June 23, 2008

Book promotion

A couple weeks ago Shannon Smith posted about a website that offered to send two books for free to anyone who was willing to read them and post on their blog about them.

I checked it out and last night I started reading Red Letters by Tom Davis. Over the next few weeks I will be posting my reflections on the book.

Anyone else want to join the fun?


traci said...

Here is my first lesson...

The first chapter tells a parable about a group of monks who are looking to revive their monastery. The Abbot goes to seek wisdom and after prayer the only advice he is given is that one of the group is the Messiah...

This leads to them looking for reasons why each one of them including themselves could be the messiah.

Although I am not sure about the idea that people can be the Messiah, I don't think that is the point. The point was that when the monks started looking for the messiah in each other and in themselves they started treating each other differently, with respect and kindness.

They saw hope and redemption in each other, the focused on the strengths in each person and valued them for those things.

One question I was asked to comment on was, "what are you going to do?"... from here I am going to look for the Jesus in each person I see... at least attempt to do that.

Shannon Smith said...

One, this book is great. I have read it before.

Two, this reminds me of the talk that you guys linked on the leadership development blog. The guy giving the talk, I can't remember his name, talked about looking at everyone, believers and non-believers, followers and non-followers, as a bearing the image of God.

traci said...

Good point #2 Shannon. It was Michael Frost who did the talk and he did say that.