Sunday, June 8, 2008

Free Rice

I was just completing some of my daily blog reading and found this link to free rice on Shannon Smith's blog.

I know him pretty well, but I had never clicked on the "care" portion. Free Rice was the only one that I didn't recognized so I clicked on it.

It is a neat idea.

Basically, you can learn new words and grow your vocabulary by guessing the definitions of words. It cost you nothing except your brain power and your time.

For each word you get right you donate 20 grains of rice that is donated to the World Food program.
On my first try I donated 600 grains of rice in 5 minutes. I'm sure I'll play again.

Anyone want to start a competition?


george said...


traci said...

my second try wasn't as good. I just got 140 grains, but my vocab level was at 40, where last time it was 20.

traci said...

4800 grains in like 45 minutes. I was bored.