Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I brought someone's dog water

Today at NoFo I had the privilege of serving one of my client's dogs. I brought them a bowl of water along with 3 sweet teas and a diet coke for the table.

guess what, the dog was cute and his name was Sushi

sometimes I think, what am I doing? and then I left and the cook asked me, "what is like to live in a dream?"... somehow I give off that impression.


Anonymous said...

you are the most REAL dreamer that i know!! love, mom

Bernie said...

That used to be my favorite part of my job when I worked as a restaurant host in Pasadena. Somehow, it was a lot more fun to serve the dogs than the people.

Kendal Q. said...

That's awesome- Sushi's owner works with Lisa.

traci said...

thats cool kendal. lisa emailed me... what a small world!