Monday, June 9, 2008

Examining our stereo types...

This morning I was thinking about Jubilee stuff and one of the activities that is in our training curriculum helps individuals and church groups examine their reactions to women in prostitution. I have to admit that my ideals of how I would respond at this time are pretty different from my actual response, so in no way am I perfect. But it is something to think about.

On Saturday Matt and I watched Pretty Woman

Matt turned to me at the end of the movie and said, "Do you think this is every hooker's favorite movie?"

I paused and tried not to hit him. How could he say that, does he not know that 98% of the women in prostitution want to get out, and he is MY husband!!

It was an innocent question.
I responded, "Absolutely not, its not reality."

We got into a decent discussion about women in prostitution, the financial benefits that seem to come with it and how the 2% along with the media shape our views of what it means to be a "hooker".

Similarly I had lunch with Hugh a few weeks ago. He has a ministry in down town Raleigh. We were talking about people without homes. I innocently asked him, "Are YOU (he has a house) aloud to eat in the soup kitchens?" I think he said something like, "Well without my "I'm homeless" ID card its tough."

For some reason I thought only "those" people could go there...

Its hard to recognize our own stereotypes and then once we realize them, its even harder to change them.


traci said...

A few more thoughts...

Listen to the back ground music "why women do... they don't regret it..."

When I was looking for clips to post I wanted to find one of where Richard Gere's friend tries to rape her; somehow that clip wasn't on you tube.

traci said...

one more thing,

Matt and I were watching the movie together, so this is not intended to be a slam on him by any means.