Thursday, June 26, 2008


My take on Chatanooga is that it is a very romantic city. Every time I've said that to someone they kind of look at me sideways and say, "Really?"... I think its true! But, I also think that Matt and I could make anything romantic.

First we saw it from a far, we drove just above Ruby Falls into a private neighborhood and found some land where they were probably going to be building a house... go figure.

Then we made our way through the downtown area.

I like how there is so much water. It was fun to frolic around in the puddles. You should picture us walking around amongst a bunch of families with little kids playing in the water.

I think we were having more fun than they were.

One of my favorite things about the town is that almost every restaurant has outdoor seating.

We stayed in the Art District where there were sculptures every where and cute little tuck aways that we could explore. It reminded me of the secret garden.

I convinced Matt to go for a run on Friday morning to explore some more. Fun times!!

He convinced me to go see the Lookouts play. They played the Carolina Mudcats and the Mudcats won. Go North Carolina!


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traci said...

Thanks Shannon. You rock!

Jeff actually sent me that article too. He said he has been coming across more and more. I think its a good thing because it shows that there is more awareness and legislation around. Its also a bad thing because I don't want there to have to be articles like this, ya know?