Friday, May 23, 2008

Bike Commuting

So today I did my first 'distance' commute with belongings in hand. For me the distance was only over 3 miles, but it was challenging to figure out how to carry my bag, wear my bike shoes, and the timing of my various meetings. 

I biked to the Dentist, then to Starbucks, to my friend's house and back home. I felt very accomplished and like I could do this on a regular basis. It started with going to NoFo (a little over a mile) and I'm working my way up. 

I got a few funny stares at Starbucks because I was clicking around the store in my bike shoes (is this improper etiquette?) and I almost slipped when throwing my trash away. Only one person caught it, but it was funny. 

I wonder where I'll try to go next...


george said...

Not sure what kind of cleats you have, but the various manufacturers make cleat covers. They cost $10-$15. Some even call them "coffee shop covers." See for example or or visit a bike shop near you.

They protect wood floors, and they also protect your cleats if, for example, you have to walk across lots of gravel or concrete. My cleats last about 5x longer since I started using covers - I just keep them in my jersey pocket where they're easy to grab when I need them.

Oh, and they also give traction on wood and tile floors :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Traci,

I think it's great that you're following my oh-so-excellent advice! How humble am I being right now? ;) Actually I have that whole shoe problem too.. I'd like to ride my bike around a lot more, but don't know what to do about the clips.. Maybe there are shoes that have somewhat recessed clips so you can walk around normally.. or I suppose I could carry shoes with me in a bag. Any how.. I think that's great.

Micah Mayo said...
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Jenny Benny said...

yay for you biking! we'll have to find these covers that George mentioned.

traci said...

today I biked to starbucks and then village deli and just came back home. it took less time than the first time and I was prepared with flip flops in my bag. I'm going to try to bike to home group tonight.

its fun, I haven't found the covers yet, but they do sound good. the flip flop method is working for the mean time.